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Knitter, spinner


Aldona Černiauskienė

We are visiting the master of many crafts, the esteemed Aldona Černiauskienė. Aldona learned to spin, crochet and knit as a child from her mother.

Not a day goes by that she doesn't pick up a knit or lace to spice up her daily routine.

As Aldona jokes, "I don't pick up my knitting on Sundays and holidays". At the very beginning, she got her knitting ideas from her mother's inheritance, a chest full of crocheted, knitted tablecloths, towels, bedspreads and bedding sets crocheted in a wide range of patterns, colours and techniques.


You can contact Aldona at:

Phone 865614657

Such a meticulous legacy could still be found today in a hard-working rural woman, a particularly precious and cherished ancient handmade heritage. Ah, our mothers and grandmothers were hard-working. As the years passed and needlework books and magazines appeared, Aldona discovered new patterns and motifs in them, which she quickly picked up and applied to her work.

Aldona also likes to adorn herself with her own hand-crocheted and knitted garments, so you'll see her wearing a new scarf or shawl. Hardworking Aldona. Her diligence is noticed and appreciated. Over the years, many women have adorned themselves with Aldona's handmade pieces. She crochets scarves, scarves, sweaters, vests, dresses.

Aldona's unique and exceptional works are seen and purchased not only by visitors of the Alytus region, but also of Vilnius, Kaunas, Marijampolė, Varėna, and even of Punsk (Republic of Poland) craft fairs. Apparently it is worth it! Because a lot of love, warmth and care has gone into the work and, of course, everything is made only from tested and quality yarns. Aldona says: "In Punsk, I wore a new crocheted dress to dress up at the craft fair, and what do you think, one of the buyers wanted to buy that very dress! It was a good thing that I had brought other clothes with me, well, if it rained, so that I had something to change into, I changed and sold the dress." "It was the best and most profitable fair for as long as she can remember, because as far as she could remember, they bought all the pieces she brought, and foreigners really appreciate handmade products," says Černiauskienė happily.

When you meet her at the fair, even if you are in a hurry, she teaches you how to spin yarn, how to pick up wax and ropes correctly and the most elaborate knitting pattern in no time. If you would like to buy or order Aldona's meticulous work, please contact us. Aldona will give you advice and sincere instruction.