Eldership artisans

Master of the old craft of wicker weaving and embroidery


Danutė Janukaitienė

Danutė Marčiulynaitė-Janukaitienė was born in the beautiful, historic town of Punia. Perhaps being surrounded by beautiful scenery gave birth to a sensitive and artistic soul. Danutė has been interested in various kinds of handicrafts since childhood. Danutė's whole life was spent in the Alovė Culture House, where she gave herself to people, to song, dance and music, took part in song festivals, organised hundreds of events, popularised them and preserved their traditions. When the opportunity arose to learn professional weaving, she graduated from the Alytus School of Crafts in 2013, obtaining a diploma of a weaver of fine arts.


You can order works by contacting the master Danutė Janukaitienė:

Telephone +370 670 37691

Her wicker weaving master's works decorate not only the homes of her own children and grandchildren, but also those of friends and relatives. Danutė is not proud of her work, but mostly just gives it away. She participates in exhibitions with her wickerwork and conducts educational classes. As her daughter Ramunė Miškauskienė says: "My mother, a master of nine crafts, won't help you take something in her hands until it turns out to be an article filled with love and warmth."

Danutė also excels in cross-stitch, a craft that requires extreme stubbornness. She has embroidered many works, and the painting "The Last Supper" had to be embroidered every evening for a couple of hours for eight months. The artist says: "Anything is possible when you do what you love, when you take what makes you happy and not what is exhausting. And that's not all. It's not just about what she does, it's about what she does. And what's not to do with knitting wrists? Danutė also knits and decorates wristbands with beads of various patterns. We may not have told you everything about this wonderful craftswoman, but we invite you to meet and talk to her in person...