Eldership artisans

Folk artist, crocheter using wax


Genovaitė Šveiterienė

Genovaitė Šveiterienė was born in 1939 in Vaickūniškės village, Lazdijai district. As the author tells us, her first piece of wax was made from a bent piece of wire. Knitting made her head spin, even sleepless nights. It was the final tessellation that she wanted. Genovaitė is also very fond of sewing.


Her work can be seen and bought:

At the Art Salon "Dzyvai", S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno g. 3, Alytus

Her work includes napkins, artistic towels, cushion covers brightened with colourful flowers, children's and women's dresses, especially suitable for a hot summers day. Genovaitė also crochets caps, parasols, spectacular scarves, tablecloths and bedspreads in brightly coloured patterns. The work is surprisingly meticulous and precise. One can only wonder how much time, love and patience the author puts into her handicrafts to make them so colourful, original and appealing to the eye. Many of Genovaitė's embroidered tablecloths and knitted bedspreads have a strong connection to the archaic Lithuanian countryside and the old traditions of printing fabric patterns. No longer fitting in "girly" chests, the works have been decorated throughout the house. Genutė accepts commissions, so the work travels to the remotest corners of Lithuania and even abroad. The works have gone to Italy, France and Ukraine. The success and interest in the works was accompanied in the capital, in the Cathedral Square during the regional days. In 2010, he won the statuette "Metų auksinės rankos" and countless letters of appreciation.

The exhibitions of Genovaitė Šveiterienė's works have decorated and will decorate the events organised by the community of her native Santaika and the Krokialaukis municipality for many generations. She is an active participant in Alytus district and city events, a regular participant in Kaziukas fairs, and has been to Poland. She actively cooperates with the Society of the Disabled.