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There is a lot to hear when you visit Punia - the region is famous for the traditions of Oninės, the beauty of the nature is filled with centuries of history, and here you can meet special people who, with their hands and with the warmth of their hearts, are making the region even more alive and attractive.


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We are visiting the family of Ina and Petras Kaškonas. Baking bread is a great tradition in this house today, a tradition that Ina Kaškonienė loves with all her heart and continues.

Ina was born in Siberia. "My birthplace is Russia and my homeland is Lithuania," Ina begins her story. "We ended up in the Tyumen region because three men in my family were partisans. My mother was in the camp for 10 years and my father was in the camp because he had a lot of land. They brought me to Lithuania when I was three years old," she says.

But I wonder, let's think and find out what was the beginning of the road to home-made bread? Ina says: "My mother used to bake herds and home-made huts. In Siberia, it was common to eat bread from the shop, but now I can't imagine a dinner table without homemade bread," Ina enthuses. When asked about her first bread, Ina replied: "Daughter-in-law brought some sourdough, because at that time there was a fashion for baking bread, but I didn't like it very much and I started looking for old, traditional bread recipes, and that's when I started baking". So the old Lithuanian craft of baking bread is very firmly rooted in the Kaškoniai family and is continued with respect, and the secrets of bread baking are very well known to Ina today.

Kneading and baking bread with one's own hands has become a tradition in many families. It is said that good people live in houses where bread smells of baking. We can only be proud that in the modern world, the ancient craft of bread baking is alive, cherished and preserved.

Bread baked by man himself is unique in its entire production process, and many of us are convinced that it is healthier than store-bought bread.

Ina Kaškonienė's home-made bread is, as she says: "Bread is requested by those who leave their homeland and return to get married and baptize their children. I take part in festivals, education, I love bread and it is good to share it".