Certified craftsmen

A promoter of the old craft of baking


Asta Kiselienė

Asta Kisielienė is a traditional craftswoman of certified national heritage products and an expert in the craft of old baking. She has been baking bread since 2004. She took over the craft from B.Ratkevičienė, a famous baker who lived in Alovė. Asta has certified not only plain rye bread, but also flat rye bread and her grandmother's cake.

Since 2004, together with the community of Alovė, Susiedai has been participating in various fairs, festivals and "Agrobalt" exhibitions. Since 2011, after the establishment of the craft yard in Alove, they have been running educational programmes "Bread from the grain to the table", "Traditional Christmas table baked goods", baking black bread and cakes marked with the national heritage label, and presenting their products at various festivals and fairs.


To book education and food products, please contact Asta Kisieliene:

Paupio g. 16, Švobiškių k., Alovės sen., Alytaus r.

Phone +370 678 34109    

E-mail: [email protected]