Certified craftsmen

Promoter of the old craft of cooking


Janina Damkauskienė

Janina Damkauskienė, a traditional craftswoman of certified potato cakes, a promoter of the old cooking craft.

Janina has been baking potato pies for decades, which are a staple at most festivals, gatherings and evenings in the Alovė municipality.

Janina gives educational tours and shows those who are interested the whole process of baking a potato cake. Janina says: "I show and tell everything so that those who want to make potato cake bake the most delicious potato cake possible, so that this ancient dish will be as tasty as possible on every table". Janina gives a live demonstration of how an authentic foodstuff classified as culinary heritage is shaped on a cabbage leaf and baked in an authentic oven.

Janina not only bakes herds, knits patterned gloves, handkerchiefs and cross-stitches in her spare time, but has also been involved in the folk ensemble "Susiedai" at the Alovė House of Culture for more than 30 years, together with her husband, Romualdas.