2023-05-13 15.00

Festival "SAUgoma ir TAU" (Preserved for you)


On Saturday, 13 May, the festival "SAUgoma ir TAU" will take place in Punia (near Punia Mound, Punia village, Punia eldership, Alytus district) to mark the opening of the season of visiting Lithuanian protected areas. 
The event is organised by the State Service for Protected Territories under the Ministry of Environment.
(car parking, DJ background music, food sales)
16:00 - 18:00 INFORMATION IN TENTS presenting the possibilities of educational tourism in 41 protected areas: national and regional parks, biosphere reserve, educational tourism opportunities in reserves, educational activities. At least 4 institutions developing or promoting nature and ecological tourism in Lithuania are presented.
16:00 - 18:00 FAIR FOR HOLDERS OF THE PRODUCT LABEL. Protected area product holders will sell their products grown or produced in the protected areas, and will offer participants to take part in educational activities or presentations/tastings of protected area product label products. Presentations of books on nature. 
16:00 Discussion on sustainable travel in Lithuania. Marius Čepulis, Agnė Jasinavičiūtė, Rūta Baškytė, Karolina Želvė, Vytaras Radzevičius, Rytas Šalna. 
18:00 Musical intro - Electronic contractual music. Introduction by the host, greetings from the representatives of the VSTT, event announcement 
18:15 Sheiko Dance Theatre performance "Užpustyti" 
18:30 On screen video material presenting the possibilities of cognitive (natural, cultural) tourism 
18:35 - 19:00 Concert of electronic contractual music.
18:50 Donatas Paužuolis: acrobatic aerobatic aeromodels musical performance 
19:00 On-screen video presenting new landscaped objects in Lithuanian protected areas 
19:05 N-2 scientific show "Mokslo šturmas" 
19:25 On-screen video introducing the network of Nature Schools in protected areas and the possibilities of their activities 
19:30 Concert of Electronic Contractual Music 
20:00 Concert by Marijonas Mikutavičius 
20:50 Switching on the light installations (illuminated Punia Mound) 
21:00 End of the concert, DJ 
22:00 End of the event


2023-05-13 15.00


6 h.