2023-07-14 19.00

Village musicians' event "Taip dainavo mūs senoliai" in Luksnėnai


Those who love and cherish folk music and song are invited to the village musicians' festival "Taip dainavo mūs senoliai" (That's how our elders sang) in Luksnėņai on 14 July. The evening programme with folk music bands UŽUBALIŲ GOJUS, ŠPOKAS, ŠILAS, SVAJA, and the band GIGAS will bring good mood and spirit.
Concert by LAISVA, TUOJ, and disco until 24:00 will entertain you. The party will be hosted by the witty Vinciulis.
There will be a festive trade fair, a community fair of the Alytus eldership, a lottery to try your luck, trampoline fun and other activities for the children.


2023-07-14 19.00